Brandon Burton Personal Trainer


I grew up playing sports. Basketball in the Bahamas, soccer and gymnastics in England, but the fire was lit for me when I began tennis. I was fourteen when I first started playing tennis and like all new things it took some time to refine my skill. My progress in the sport began slow but with consistency I improved day by day. My achievements in tennis started locally from winning club tournaments, to internationally sanctioned tournaments to being ranked 3rd in my country 10th in the region and at my high point 118th in the World Junior Circuit.

I bet you are wondering when did I fall in love with weight training? During my senior year of high school I suffered chronic knee pain that took me away from the tennis court temporarily. In the mean time I started to lift weights and once again a fire was lit. I can still vividly remember my first day in the gym a scrawny kid, however I remember being watched in amazement as others looked-on to see how much weight I could lift. I was approached by a Physique Coach and here began my journey to becoming a bodybuilder. I learned that weight training was not only about lifting weights but training yourself to diet and eat well.

Some of my accomplishments include competing in bodybuilding competitions in both physique and bodybuilding categories.

Through this all I learned that I loved fitness and not only fitness but helping others reach their fitness goals. I am a ISSA certified fitness trainer and have 12 credits of Nutrition and Nutrition Planning and Management credit hours as I continue my education journey which will come to a completion in 2017 with a Bachelors of Psychology.

My specialties are weight loss, bodybuilding and physique coaching and meal plan and diet assessments. I focus on the minor movements that increase an athletes definition and strength.

My slogan is : Rest Don’t Quit. This is what it takes to accomplish goals. We may need to take a break at times, but never quit.