Caroline Milton


My very first love was ballet, which I first started in practice at age 3. The movement and beauty of the human body is extraordinary, and I have found that this is easily translated across sport and beyond. Have you ever observed a father launching their child in the air to make them giggle? How simple and beautiful! My goal as a trainer is to teach and glorify the benefit of fitness and form and how it translates into our functional lives. Think now about a wall ball shot (and if you don’t know what that is yet, I can’t wait to teach you!) and how similar it is to that image of the father aforementioned.

In recent years, I found a love for obstacle course racing while living in California and reached elite levels of competition before experiencing a knee injury in spring of 2016. Though I had always been a good athlete until that point in my life, it was the injury that revealed to me how strong and powerful (not to mention adaptive!) my body is. My focus has now turned to inspiring others to find their strength in power in the body that is uniquely theirs!

My approach to training is to challenge athletes of all levels, ages, and backgrounds to create micro-goals and achieve them throughout the course of class. Each session is a gift to realize growth and success, whether that is in learning or perfecting a skill, or finishing a workout faster than you thought you were capable of. My guarantee is that, if you consistently show up to class, you will see change in what you are capable of. I am so excited to play a small role in your fitness journey and look forward to witnessing the growth as an output of what you input to Bodyfit!