David Davis Personal Trainer



Fitness has always been a key aspect of my life. I grew up playing team sports (Soccer, Basketball, and Football) and continued that competitive mentality into adulthood, always trying to push my limits and driving myself to be better.

My own fitness journey started as a martial artist and a martial arts instructor; teaching and motivating people to live a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I found fulfillment and happiness in helping people find motivation, structure, and a positive outlook on the transformative possibilities of fitness. Being able to help others through their own fitness journey continues to challenge me while it also brings me joy.

I have coached soccer teams ages 5-18, including Head JV, and Assistant Men’s Varsity Coach at Fort Osage High School. While coaching and teaching, I also ran off-season strength and conditioning classes at Fort Osage. I began Personal Training at 24-Hour Fitness after obtaining my ACE and APEX Certifications.

Soccer still plays a major role in my fitness life, playing at least twice a week. Within the last 10 years, I’ve also added cycling and rock climbing to the mix.

As a fitness professional, I utilize my teaching and coaching background to find ways to motivate each client to achieve his/her goals. Many of my workouts use sport specific movements to help clients develop strength/power as well as balance and endurance.