David "Vava" Littlewood Personal Trainer, Co-Owner



The idea for Bodyfit started years ago when I discovered my passion for health and fitness, the different components of training, and how I could use my own knowledge and skill set to bring fitness to other people.  I wanted to open an elite facility that brought different types of training and exercise together.  From martial arts to yoga and kickboxing to strength training, Bodyfit introduces variety to each member. I wanted something that could keep people interested, motivated, and learning, not just a place that was going to make them “more fit.” Bodyfit has allowed me to bring all of these components of fitness to each person who walks through our doors.

My own fitness journey started as a martial artist and a martial arts instructor; teaching and motivating people to live a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I found fulfillment and happiness in helping people find motivation, structure, and a positive outlook on the transformative possibilities of fitness. Being able to help others through their own fitness journey continues to challenge me while it also brings me joy.

As a trainer, I will challenge you to not only set - but take the steps necessary to meet - your goals.  My dedication to each client separates me from any other instructor who I’ve encountered.  I hold high expectations for myself as a trainer and coach, and my expectations for my clients are equally as high. I want  them to be able to look into their own lives and find what is frustrating, difficult, motivating, and confusing so their goals can be set as well as attained. High quality instruction and attention to detail are important aspects that I bring to each training session, group, and individual.

My clients have ranged in age from 3 to 63, have come in all shapes and sizes, and have come to me with different levels of knowledge about health and fitness.  With each client, no matter the age, size, or base knowledge, I have been able to make them feel comfortable, welcomed, and safe in knowing I can and will address any aspect of fitness they bring to me or that we discover together.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Currently completing Master of Education in Special Education
  • 2 years grade 6-8 Special Education teacher
  • 12 years experience teaching fitness classes
  • Veteran of over 100 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches
  • Three-time Missouri State BJJ Championship gold medalist
  • 2010 Naga World Champion
  • Brown Belt in BJJ under Dustin Denes
  • Phase 4 Level 8 Jeet Kune Do for 8 years
  • Black Sash in Shing Da Do
  • Brown Belt in Mid-America Combat Guild Filipino Knife and Stick Fighting
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu - Chum Kiu Level
  • Eagle Scout
  • Crossfit Certified trainer
  • Expert Rating Personal Trainer Certification
  • Former Manager Atlas Fitness