Devin "Pirata" Chasten Personal Trainer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Instructor


Devin is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Dustin Denes and a blue belt in Judo under Niko Dax.  Devin, or better known as "Pirate" (from being blind in one eye) has years of teaching, training, and competing experience. 

Between Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling, Devin has over ten years grappling experience. He prides himself on staying true to the art, a solid foundation of basics what jiu jitsu was built on, while also looking to advance with the martial art as jiujitsu never ends, you can never stop learning. 

Devin is still an active competitor, and trains every day with his students to help him prepare and also help his students prepare for whatever they are training for, Be it self defense, competition, or to get into shape and lose weight. 

Come learn from one of the most technical teachers in the greater KC area, and enjoy yourself while getting in great shape and preparing for whatever the world throws your way!