Richard "Trey" Ogden Personal Trainer


Exercise, Health, and Fitness can change your life. It certainly changed mine and I have seen it change many, many others.

I believe the number one reason people have trouble sticking with their exercise program is boredom. It becomes a chore, and let's face it… we've been trying to get out of our chores since we were wee tots! I love to infect people with the fitness bug!

My favorite part of my job is when in somebody's fitness journey they begin to LOVE exercise, and can't live without it…yes there is a pun there. I believe the journey is better than the destination but if you don't enjoy the journey you will never reach the destination.

I am an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, and a National Exercise Sports Trainers Association Certified Personal Trainer. I've been a Black Belt and Martial Arts Instructor Since 2008, and I've taught fitness kickboxing as well.

Let's have some fun on the way to your fitness goals! And remember... The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.