Yoga Transform yourself


Transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually with Hot as well as Traditional Yoga.

Do you want to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? Check out our yoga program. The Bodyfit yoga studio is a truly magical place with rich colors and soft lights that will inspire the mental focus to make the most of your yoga practice. Our team of yoga instructors will lead you through a traditional Yoga flow that is a combination of breath practice, physical practice, and core strength, and is often held in a heated room. Deep Stretch Yoga is slower paced, with postures held for longer times, and is also often held in a heated room; this is a truly relaxing practice to bring you one step closer to ascending into a higher plane of existence (not to mention a deep, deep sleep)!

Here at Bodyfit, we believe everyone should do yoga, and we have yoga classes scheduled so you can lift some weights and then head straight into yoga. A yoga practice helps with flexibility, stamina, using and controlling breath to help increase lifting potential and improve form, It helps weightlifters have better mental strength when they return to the weight room. Everybody knows that a malleable, stretchy muscle is a healthy muscle, so incorporating yoga into your workout routine will make you less susceptible to injury.

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Yoga Fundamentals & Basics

An elemental practice for beginners as well as those looking to revisit the essential foundations of yoga asana.